JOHN TURNBULL: Percussionist ­ Drummer ­ Teacher


John was born in 1981 into a musical environment. His father was the organist for a local church at the time. John expressed an interest in music at an early age and started having Piano Lessons with local pianist Jean Burt. Whilst at primary school he also undertook percussion lessons and very soon, John’s fascination with drums and a desire to play percussion became apparent.
  • John’s rapid progress as a percussionist has seen him play with many different groups and ensembles ranging from Brass Bands to Jazz Bands, Rock Bands to Orchestras.
  • As a performer John has travelled to 15 different countries worldwide including America, France, Germany and Spain amongst others.
  • He has performed in some of the world’s finest cities and concert venues as well as numerous TV and Radio Broadcasts. John is currently a valuable member of the Rothwell Temperance Band percussion section.
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